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LTC Bodoni L75= Headers

Mobile font colors based off link text color tried two 1- c83a5t but it was too intense yellow- went with d6ce9a lighter and grayer. Style overlay 2e2e2e .03/04 Not sure where this went?


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From the from page in the shop Took it out when I added the calendars 2018:
Along with a few beautiful and very reasonably priced "studies", These are one-of-a-kind fine art oil paintings and drawings, available on my website only.




"Once you begin collecting original art, you'll never see prints the same way"



why humans need art https://speakartloud.wordpress.com/2010/04/23/41/



Have you ever taken a photo of that beautiful sunset. Only to look at the photo later and find it's just not that amazing. Seeing the sunset in real life was some much more spectacular. That's similar to buying artwork online. No image can ever do justice to an original painting. AN origianl work of art is no photo. IT a window into another world. Your looking at something

There is no replacement for buying original art from a brick and mortar gallery. Viewing the artwork and discussing it with a knowledgeable staff is priceless. It's the same as seeing that amazing sunset in real life.

Bring art into your life and....I collect art.



make them feel comfortable? IF I were going to buy art online what would I want to know. what would make me purchase? Have to like the art. feel safe ie money safe -not a rip off site. nothing to lose ie refund policy. how it would look in my house. what is it (i know I can see the front but what am I buying) do I have a spot. show it in some form of context? Holding it? how to light it. frame it. display it. I do need to show it beyone the canvas. I could show the unwrapping video. need show the back?

Why buy artwork? why is it different than buying a tv, a computer, a gadget. could I explain this?

Why buy mine when there is so much out there?

Reviews help. Grow an audience.

what th product is. and a litle how

make it personal. Give them a story keep it short. I think of sketches as thoughts, ideas the artist is puttingtheir thoughts on canvas weird ideas if you think about it. you buying a thought?

Is you world fast paced? DO you find yourself distracted, fragmented and discordent with you thoughts? and just going from one thing to the next. Did you know that looking at art is a access our genetic...trying to say in put us in line with not being streeeful. so looking at art slows you down and removes stress...??? i w as using the term a window? Art is a window, not to the outside of your home but a window to the world it the world of ...??? gives us meaning

Compare making art with viewing art of others?

How do you feel when you listen to music? can looking at art be the same?

We live in a fast-paced world of quick decisions and fragmented thoughts. Creating art allows us to slow down and experience the full range of our emotions. Viewing the art of others can give rise to emotions within us and help us explore and interpret what we are feeling. Understanding our emotions can help us heal, grow and improve ourselves. Increasing our self awareness through art can lead to more success both personally and professionally.

We need art because we, as humans need to copy reality. We are constantly bombarded with various forms of brain stimulation (even when we don't know it) that art becomes a form of releasing it. It's the product of the immense amount of information that we take in, and for some, it becomes a cathartic exercise.



Please contact me if you have ever seen this painting of mine in any form of print. I have never received any financial compensation from the sales of these prints. The printer is in breach of contract.