Making mistakes in art:

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I’d like to take a moment here to talk about the process of making art. It was pointed out to me in one of my resent social media post that I might have made a mistake with a face, a face that is in my new instructional drawing video. I’d like to clear up some points about making art that might help students through their journey.
Warning long text:

It was Michelangelo that said “If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all”. And I think that’s so true, people don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. There are many times when I spend an entire day working on a face only to end up wiping it completely off at the end of the day and this is not the exception but more the rule for me. My work goes through many revisions and changes. I can wipe something off, scrape it, move it, change it, scrape it again only to come back the next day and scrape it off yet again. And in some cases I completely destroyed the piece so I end up starting again on something else. Producing artwork is never a straight road from start to finish;  maybe it is for some artists but it isn’t for me. But I think in this aspect lies the charm of a piece of art, that somehow the process is showing through the finished piece, that underneath it contains the artist’s struggles, thoughts and fears. You’ve heard the term “blood, sweat and tears”, well that’s exactly what that means.  Great works of art transmit in unknown ways this essence to the viewer. Through art we see our own broken selves. As artists we are not perfect nor should we be and isn’t that the beauty of art? If art were perfect what fun would that be? It wouldn’t be, it would be boring!
And none of what I just mentioned takes into consideration doing this process on film with a live model and instructing the entire time while the clock is ticking and the “film” is running. Not a justification just an explanation.

Link to my instructional videos:

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